Why choose Mind Academy

  • 13 years of experience within operations and maintenance offshore with emergency preparedness assignments in the form of search and rescue, man-over-board rescue boat and helicopterdeck-crew.
  • Grown up with a high focus on quality, health, safety and environment which has been transferred to the content of the online courses.
  • Seeing another human being grow and gain greater self insight/self respect/self confidence is as rewarding and enriching to me as growing myself.
  • I love to learn and master new skills and competences and pass these on to other people.
  • More information will come later. Stay updated through the Latest News-section.

Photos used on the website

The portrait photos on the homepage with a circle around them are taken by the Norwegian photographer Rune Hammerstad. He is a friendly and warm soul who has a burning passion for charity. I would recommend taking a tour of his website and especially check out the "Levd Liv" portfolio. Where he focuses on portraits of people who have been through a rough cold winter night before.

I get deeply inspired by people who have professional pride and passion for what they are doing. Therefore, the choice was easy when choosing a photographer for portrait photography. A link to his website may be found here: fotografoslo.no.


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